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Oddisee is one of the most consistently creative producer/music artist in the game. He has been creating music for himself and for others for years and everything sounds good. Even the legendary Jazzy Jeff recognized him and put him on the Musik Lounge. The thing is that this brother was known as a producer but then got equally recognized as an MC. He is 1/3 of an equally dope group called the Diamond District which features two other favorite artists of my yU and X.O.

I remember back in the Myspace days, I was producing and he was already a pretty respected producer. This brother set up a forum where aspiring producers around the world could submit music to be critiqued. And this wasn’t some sort of elitist critique but solid constructive criticism. He never made anyone feel stupid or like they couldn’t do this. I remember he gave me a pretty good critique. When I met him he showed love and didn’t act Hollywood even though this brother has plenty of fans. He was just a humble dude who wanted to make good music. That’s why when I make my hard earned money and he drops an album I actually buy it and listen to it. This is coming at a time when I’m listening to very little hiphop new or old. His music is just refreshing and knowing what it takes to make music like this I know he has done a lot on his end.

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