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The creator of “electro swing”, this Austrian producer and DJ’s music has been heard in a series of movies and TV shows/ads. He definitely has his own sound and it just draws you in somehow.

Parov Stelar – If I Had You
Parov Stelar – Libella Swing
Parov Stelar – Booty Swing (HQ)
Parov Stelar – Odessa
Parov Stelar – The Fusion


Posted: March 9, 2012 in Rock out music
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I just happened to be perusing a few music blogs and discovered this producer by the name of FS. Now I must admit, a lot of the electronica that I listen to is more mellow so it was refreshing to hear something with a little more edge. FS is a producer from Brooklyn and I can tell that he has an appreciation for hiphop among other things. After listening to a few tracks, I was convinced enough that I wanted to support this project by purchasing it. Will update this post after I give it a thorough listen.

From what I heard though, this music makes you want to fight or at least play a video game where you want to fight or shoot something. Not a violent person, well I could play a good racing game to this music for sure.

FS – iLLest Android
Nicki Minaj – Massive Attack (FS Dubstep Remix)
FS – Get Up Ninja
FS – Dial 999