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Posted: March 23, 2012 in Chill music
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Not much to say about Cantoma or known by his mama as Phil Mison. Honestly, I found his music by listening to my Telepopmusik station on Pandora but didn’t even find out more about the artist until now. The sound is Balearic beat which was popular on the island of Ibiza. See…I learned something just by creating this post. I couldn’t find any live shows so you will have to just listen. I swear it will be one of the most chill music you’ve ever heard. If you like Thievery Corporation then you will love this music. It pretty much takes you to another place. I cook to it, edit photos to it, and drive to it.

Cantoma – Out of Town (Album Sampler)
Marisi – Cantoma
Cantoma – Etoile
Cantoma- Overtime
Cantoma – Cosmopole
Cantoma- Pandajerov