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What do you get when you mix Mexican Mariachi with cumbia together with hiphop and electronic music and more…..The Mexican Institute of Sound. The name is misleading. Sounds pretty stuff and pretentious but the show is all the way live. You really have to expand your mind and honestly the videos that I post can’t begin to express how a live show feels. It’s really hard to describe. Just do me a favor, check them out and make sure when they come to your town you rock out with them.

Mexican Institute of Sound – Yo Digo Baila

Mexican Institute of Sound “ESCRÍBEME PRONTO”

Mexican Institute Of Sound “CUMBIA” Live at Bonnaroo 2010 HD

Mexican Institute of Sound “Cumbia” | Pachanga 2009 | Austin Vida


Ayọ is a Nigerian-German singer-songwriter. She uses the Yoruba translation Ayọ or Ayo. of her first name Joy. Ran across her music from another Nigerian artist by the name of Eme. This guys knows his music.

Anyway, back to Ayọ. Don’t forget the dot under the letter “o” or it will be confused with a popular Yoruba game. This sistah is so carefree which is what attracted me to her. IF you know me, then you know that I’m a super laid back guy. A gift and a curse. Back to Ayọ. These songs really spoke to me.

Ayọ – “Life Is Real”
Ayọ – “Slow, Slow (Run Run)”
Ayọ – “Lonely”
Ayọ – “I’m Gonna Dance”

Not much to say here. But D’Angelo became a legend early in the “neo-soul” era with only 2 albums. Let’s just face it. He won over the ladies with his music and looks then won over the fellas with his music and straight up approach in songs like “Sh*t, D@mn Muthaf#$%er”. He looked like a kat on your block but voice and music were smooth and refined. He wrote, composed, produced, and played most if not all of the music on his albums. This guy is just a genius.

Then he had trouble with drugs and alcohol. Something typical of those in the entertainment biz. Rumors of his return have shattered many times but folks still believed him. I’m glad we did.

2012 seems to be D’Angelo’s year. He has scheduled a series of shows across Europe and he seems fit and like the D’Angelo we are used to seeing. Even heard that he performed 4 new songs that were very well received.

Check the videos below to see his recent show in Paris.

D’Angelo – Devil’s Pie / Chicken Grease – Live @ Le Zénith Paris 2012
D’Angelo Covers “Space Oddity” – Paris, France 01.29.12

Pedro “Pedrito” Martinez is a Havana, Cuba born percussionist who now resides in New York. Dope percussionist and his music really speaks to me being a young African male who is learning percussion (bongos, djembe). I love the fact that his album is called “Slave to Africa” because you hear Africa through the rhythms and vocals. The music comes from an Afro-Cuban Rumba tradition and in the bata rhythms and vocal chants of the music of Yoruba and Santeria. My girlfriend and I are taking a trip to New York just to hear him and his band perform at Guantanamera. Yeah, I’m that serious about this guy and his band. It’s good to see a young performer with his skill level.

Check out one of my favorite songs on his album “Slave to Africa”

Pedro Martinez – Dime Que Te Pasa

You have to see him and his band live to really understand the talent.

Pedrito Martinez Group – “Que Palo” Live at Guantanamera
Pedro Martinez – Cuenta Con Los Santos

Whitney Houston (9 August, 1963 – 11 February, 2012)

So yesterday Whitney Houston, hands down one of the top if not the top singers of my generation, went to a better place. Her impact on music in the 80s, 90s and beyond can’t even be measured. She made great pop music but could really sing. I would argue to say that if you debate with anyone they would say she was THE best singer. Her only real competition during that time was Mariah Carey. Whitney still had that extra soul and likability factor.

I must admit that back in the day I had a crush on Whitney Houston. See…kids these days won’t understand that because they grew up witnessing Whitney looking strange and acting erratic but back in the day that smile was infectious. Her smile was part of her brand almost. Plus she had that energy in her songs. The curly hair in “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” is the Whitney that I remember. Even though I was a kid, the 80s were fun and Whitney embodied that spirit in her music.

I have a funny story about a more serious song…”Greatest Love Of All”. When I was in elementary school, my parents worked late so I stayed in after school care like most kids. I remember on several occasions trekking up the hill to Popeyes and singing this song in our chipmunk voices in front of Popeyes then getting free chicken. As hood and stereotypical as it happened. And at the time, I was loving it. So that song has a personal memory for me. Even then I knew the song was deep and having to learn the words helped the message sink in…that and a bucket of extra crispy chicken. ha!

Whitney, we will always love you! R.I.P.

Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Whitney Houston – So Emotional

Whitney Houston – How Will I Know

Whitney Houston – Greatest Love Of All

Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You (Bodyguard Film Music)

So I admit that I like a lot of slower, more relaxing music BUT people who know two things about me: that I love to party and that I love Africa. When I discovered DJ Underdog and the Afrobeat for Your Soul party I was hooked. The best party in the city that will have the ladies sweating out their hair and guys drenched. I haven’t worked that hard at a party since partying down at the Union in Hampton University. Back to my point, this mixtape has all types of music from Africa. I love me some Fela but Africa is so diverse that it’s refreshing to get something different. This is party music.  It’s best to be played loud and just do whatever dance you feel like. That’s the best way right?

Everyone….RECONNECT with Africa!

I have to be honest. This really made me tear up. (I rode around after Michael’s death blasting songs with the windows down and angrily dismissing and pedestrian that thought I was inconsiderate for playing a legend’s music too loud. Because, as old folks say, “Everyone doesn’t need to hear your music”. My response is, if it’s Michael Jackson then YES YOU DO”.

Michael Jackson probably had the earliest impact on me musically. I could go on and on about this man. The warm feel of this song just does something to me. When this comes on at ANY party people dance. People try to emulate his moves. Some get it better than others but it doesn’t really matter. They are paying homage to my my man, my brotha, Michael Jackson. This video is equally significant because of the recent death of Soul Train’s Don Cornelius. R.I.P. to you both and thank you for your contributions!