Asa, Asa, Asa. Let’s just say lately that I have had an affinity to Nigerian artist. I’m not Nigerian but my name, Ajani, is Nigerian in background. Asa is just so soulful and she is so in touch with her Nigerian self. These are a few songs that speak to me. They make you sing along. Your vocal chord has no choice in the matter.

Asa – Fire on the Mountain
Asa – 360°

It’s important to see these artists live. You get the real look into who these artists really are and how they express themselves musically. I love how beautifully Asa delivered this song “Bamidele” which means “follow me home”. There is also a lyrical analysis of the song

ASA (asha) – Bamidele [Live in Olympic, Nantes March 29th 2011]

I had to add one more song that’s let less serious and shows more of Asa’s fun side. Great video.

Asa – Be My Man

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