Not much to say here. But D’Angelo became a legend early in the “neo-soul” era with only 2 albums. Let’s just face it. He won over the ladies with his music and looks then won over the fellas with his music and straight up approach in songs like “Sh*t, D@mn Muthaf#$%er”. He looked like a kat on your block but voice and music were smooth and refined. He wrote, composed, produced, and played most if not all of the music on his albums. This guy is just a genius.

Then he had trouble with drugs and alcohol. Something typical of those in the entertainment biz. Rumors of his return have shattered many times but folks still believed him. I’m glad we did.

2012 seems to be D’Angelo’s year. He has scheduled a series of shows across Europe and he seems fit and like the D’Angelo we are used to seeing. Even heard that he performed 4 new songs that were very well received.

Check the videos below to see his recent show in Paris.

D’Angelo – Devil’s Pie / Chicken Grease – Live @ Le Zénith Paris 2012
D’Angelo Covers “Space Oddity” – Paris, France 01.29.12
  1. seanjrankine says:

    I saw him in Brixton, London. Incredible man!

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