Pedro “Pedrito” Martinez is a Havana, Cuba born percussionist who now resides in New York. Dope percussionist and his music really speaks to me being a young African male who is learning percussion (bongos, djembe). I love the fact that his album is called “Slave to Africa” because you hear Africa through the rhythms and vocals. The music comes from an Afro-Cuban Rumba tradition and in the bata rhythms and vocal chants of the music of Yoruba and Santeria. My girlfriend and I are taking a trip to New York just to hear him and his band perform at Guantanamera. Yeah, I’m that serious about this guy and his band. It’s good to see a young performer with his skill level.

Check out one of my favorite songs on his album “Slave to Africa”

Pedro Martinez – Dime Que Te Pasa

You have to see him and his band live to really understand the talent.

Pedrito Martinez Group – “Que Palo” Live at Guantanamera
Pedro Martinez – Cuenta Con Los Santos

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