Rodrigo y Gabriela

Posted: February 18, 2012 in Rock out music
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First discovered this duo on Emusic and I was blown away. The blazing fast playing and just their own sound on the guitars are just both fascinating. The funny thing is that I used to listen to the album and I knew the name of the group but it didn’t even register that one member was a woman until I saw the video. Their music hypnotized me that much. I used this music when I either clean or my other favorite past time. COOK! You will do more dancing than cooking so be prepared to keep someone or yourself hungry.

Rodrigo y Gabriela- “Hanuman”

I think it’s important to see HOW they are playing without the official video which can distract from their genius. They are playing the melody, the rhythm, the drums. And they are so in tune with one another. I just found they are going to be in Washington DC at the Warner Theater April 25.

Rodrigo y Gabriela – ‘Tamacun’

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