Randomly found this producer named Dert maybe on Emusic. I really used to think those subscription music services were cheesy or a rip off but I’ve found some of my best independent music from that site. I don’t know much about this producer but know his music is dope. It’s electronic music but with a hip-hop foundation.

I did find this on Last FM.

“Dert is a hip-hop producer from West Covina, California, best known for his beat-tapes of featuring mash-ups of artists such as Jose Gonzeles (album: In My Nature), Pink Floyd (The West Side of the Moon) and Björk (Talk Strange).

As well as producing for the likes of KRS-One, Pigeon John, LMNO and Tunnel Rats, Dert is a member of the Tunnel Rats crew. Solo albums include The Seattle Situation (2006), The Short List (2008), and CMYK – Ep (2009).”

Dert – Cyan
Dert – Magenta

Dert Beats


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