In a Bossanova mood with João Gilberto – Izaura

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Chill music
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I listen to some loud music but sometimes, especially early morning, I need something softer. Preferably something with little to no words, like most electronica, or something foreign where I don’t know the words. I listen to this when I edit photos because although I don’t need the type of concentration like writing a paper but I do need to think and not be distracted.

Been listening to Bossanova A LOT, the past few years. Before then it was only just a cool musical rhythm pattern on cheap keyboard. Although I don’t know Portuguese, I know it sounds romantic too. Another reason why I like it. This song is from the most famous Bossanova artist, João Gilberto,  who pretty much created Bossanova. Many know Bossanova from the popular and many times remade  song “Girl from Ipanema” who was sung by his wife Astrud  Gilberto. (Interesting enough it was her first time singing professionally.)


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