Posted: February 10, 2012 in Party music
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So I admit that I like a lot of slower, more relaxing music BUT people who know two things about me: that I love to party and that I love Africa. When I discovered DJ Underdog and the Afrobeat for Your Soul party I was hooked. The best party in the city that will have the ladies sweating out their hair and guys drenched. I haven’t worked that hard at a party since partying down at the Union in Hampton University. Back to my point, this mixtape has all types of music from Africa. I love me some Fela but Africa is so diverse that it’s refreshing to get something different. This is party music.  It’s best to be played loud and just do whatever dance you feel like. That’s the best way right?

Everyone….RECONNECT with Africa!

  1. Spacin'jason says:

    Great minds think alike! I’m Spacin Jason and I just put an afrikan mix on my blog too! Hope ya dig it! I’m listening to yours right now.
    Dear Mother Afrika we have raped and pillaged your beautiful land of your precious riches. Forgive us of our transgressions and bring us back home!

    • ajanitruth says:

      Peace man! It’s funny. I created this blog for myself to keep up with good music. Didn’t expect anyone to find but decided to tag stuff anyway. Glad to see that’s working. It helped me discover your mix too (which I’m listening to now). I swear. I can talk about music all day for real. Salute!

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