Soul Train in the 80s – Michael Jackson “PYT”

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Party music
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I have to be honest. This really made me tear up. (I rode around after Michael’s death blasting songs with the windows down and angrily dismissing and pedestrian that thought I was inconsiderate for playing a legend’s music too loud. Because, as old folks say, “Everyone doesn’t need to hear your music”. My response is, if it’s Michael Jackson then YES YOU DO”.

Michael Jackson probably had the earliest impact on me musically. I could go on and on about this man. The warm feel of this song just does something to me. When this comes on at ANY party people dance. People try to emulate his moves. Some get it better than others but it doesn’t really matter. They are paying homage to my my man, my brotha, Michael Jackson. This video is equally significant because of the recent death of Soul Train’s Don Cornelius. R.I.P. to you both and thank you for your contributions!


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