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Natalia Clavier’s music is the music I go when I want here some electronic soul but don’t want to be distracted by the words (It’s in Spanish). The music has a hiphop/downtempo influence which comes from being on the label created by the amazing Thievery Corporation, who is known for fusing sounds from all around the world. She was born in Buenos Aires but eventually moved to Barcelona, Spain where she musically linked with fellow Argentine, Federico Aubele, who will be featured on here soon. The music is just sexy but not too slow. One day I’m going to figured out all of the words! This is another Emusic find.

Natalia Clavier – “Azul”

Natalia Clavier – “El Arbol”

Natalia Clavier “Dormida” Live in Montreal 2008


I like Kimbra. I like her voice and her style is different. Plus she is classy without being boring. A friend of mine named Elise, put me on to her music and the first video I saw was to “Settle Down”. It was pretty weird but weird works for me. Her little shoulder dance is so cool. Her sound has been compared to a mix between Nina Simone, Florence + the Machine and Bjork. I think that’s a good assessment. Check her out.

Kimbra – “Settle Down”
Kimbra – “Good Intent”
Kimbra – “Two Way Street”

The first song that I heard by James Morrison was “You Give Me Something” which happened to be his debut single. He just has a cool raspy voice with a lot of soul. Even though he admits he wants to steer away from the love songs and be confident enough to full write his songs, you still feel as though he wrote these songs. He really connects with them and expresses them the way the songwriters would envision.

James Morrison – You Give Me Something
James Morrison – Undiscovered
James Morrison – Please Don’t Stop The Rain

Here is a song from his latest album “The Awakening” that he did with another UK talent by the name of Jessie J. Beautiful song and the both rip it live.

James Morrison & Jessie J ~ Up (Live @ BBC Children In Need Rocks Manchester)
James Morrison – Broken Strings (Live)

Yuna’s videos were so mellow and so well shot even though they are free in terms of concept. That’s sometimes a good thing because it let’s the viewer’s mind get creative and go places that THEY want to go. Her energy seems genuine. If you are wondering where she is from…Malaysia. Very beautiful look and beautiful vybe plus the music is positive which is a major plus.

Yuna – “Live Your Life”
Yuna – “Come As You Are”

Here Yuna covers Kanye West’s “Paranoid”. Pretty cool. I like how she laughs in the middle of the song. So organic.

Yuna “Paranoid”

Asa, Asa, Asa. Let’s just say lately that I have had an affinity to Nigerian artist. I’m not Nigerian but my name, Ajani, is Nigerian in background. Asa is just so soulful and she is so in touch with her Nigerian self. These are a few songs that speak to me. They make you sing along. Your vocal chord has no choice in the matter.

Asa – Fire on the Mountain
Asa – 360°

It’s important to see these artists live. You get the real look into who these artists really are and how they express themselves musically. I love how beautifully Asa delivered this song “Bamidele” which means “follow me home”. There is also a lyrical analysis of the song

ASA (asha) – Bamidele [Live in Olympic, Nantes March 29th 2011]

I had to add one more song that’s let less serious and shows more of Asa’s fun side. Great video.

Asa – Be My Man


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I was scouring Youtube and saw some dope art work and just clicked on it to see what it was all about. The song was “Smoking Gun” by Daley.

Daley – Smoking Gun

I thought the video was creative but it wasn’t until I saw Daley’s rendition of Maxwell’s “Pretty Wings” that I was convinced that the geeky looking dude with the rooster hair was serious. Like REALLY serious! The best version of “Pretty Wings” that I have heard or that I could imagine. The UK has some great talent.

Daley – Pretty Wings
Daley – ‘Be’ (Acoustic Music Video)

Ayọ is a Nigerian-German singer-songwriter. She uses the Yoruba translation Ayọ or Ayo. of her first name Joy. Ran across her music from another Nigerian artist by the name of Eme. This guys knows his music.

Anyway, back to Ayọ. Don’t forget the dot under the letter “o” or it will be confused with a popular Yoruba game. This sistah is so carefree which is what attracted me to her. IF you know me, then you know that I’m a super laid back guy. A gift and a curse. Back to Ayọ. These songs really spoke to me.

Ayọ – “Life Is Real”
Ayọ – “Slow, Slow (Run Run)”
Ayọ – “Lonely”
Ayọ – “I’m Gonna Dance”